Big news for 2015!

Big things are in the works for the 2015 photography year! Packages are being revamped and investment options are being increased. The full details will be released in the Fall & will not become effective until January 1st. I am mostly excited about offering my clients more options for packages!

The biggest update will be towards Newborn Sessions, Senior Sessions & Weddings. These 3 styled sessions will offer more options for packages to choose from.

There will also be a slight increase in charges as I have started working with a new and improved Print Shop that produces  incredible quality! The increase in price is so worth the amazing prints and products you will receive!! Promise!! The new pricing will be put in place starting on January 1st of the new year.

Anyone who inquires on 2015 Weddings going forward, the updated 2015 Packages will be presented upon request.

Also, I am working on hosting photos online for private gallery viewing!! I am working hard on this and fingers crossed for it to be launched by the new year, if not sooner. My goal is to create a user friendly way to view your galleries online to help choose prints for your Collections. Which is BIG news for me! 🙂

It’s hard to believe that we are moving into August and soon enough, closing out the 2014 year! So I am just trying to get the word out now as I diligently work hard to present all my clients with the new options in time for the 2015 year.

Wish me luck!! xoxo


Lacking on updates…

Yikes! I haven’t offically posted anything to my website since April…well hello all! I am going to flood the uploads with lots of pictures to catch everyone up as I have been VERY, VERY busy photographing some beautiful faces! 🙂

Also, just an update as well as far as booking goes! Since I mentioned above that this has been an incredibly busy year for me, I should advise that booking for the rest of the year is really filling up! I am completely booked for July, August & September with only a small handful of days left in October & November. Don’t wait to inquire on setting up a session if you wanted it done prior to the new year! It really breaks my little photographer heart to have to turn customers away due to no availability. I can be reached by email at, by my Facebook page as ‘KCaruso Photography’ or phone at 315-368-4546.