Updates to the blog….

Hello everyone! This blog has been quiet lately, but there has been lots going on! There will be photos posted through the weekend on everything I have been up to! Check out my Facebook page in the meantime, I am more up to date on there. I am very excited to announce the launching of KayCaruso Wedding Photography! It is a new venture down a different path of photography that I am so very excited to explore! I have offically booked July 27th, 2013, September 7th 2013 and October 5th 2013. Contact me if you’d like to book your wedding with KayCaruso Photography! Here is a sneak on the photos I have been working on…my favorite little model, my daughter Josie. I have been blessed with a child that LOVES the camera!




Also, I received an email the other day from my favorite printing website: www.mpix.com with an article about “The Right Attire” when it comes to photography sessions…it’s a great article! Check it out:






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